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West Carrollton

Brand built from scratch through collaboration and research.

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Like so many cities in our region, West Carrollton, Ohio, found itself coping with the loss of residents and businesses as the American "Rust Belt" endured a painful transition from its historical manufacturing base. Although the city still boasted the same wonderful amenities and partimony that had made it a cherished home for so many years past, its leaders knew it was time for an upgrade to communicate the value of this all-American commnuity. So they turned to Hafenbrack to find a compelling way to share the story of West Carrollton to attract new companies, employees and families, while reinvigorating the sense of pride among local residents. Hafenbrack Marketing & Public Relations developed and presented a strategic assessment that led to the creation of the city's new brand: "Welcome Home." The agency developed a roll out strategy and then implemented a proactive process to take the message of West Carrollton out to the regional community. Elements included web, positioning literature, outdoor and print advertising, direct mail, dimensional tools. The campaign has served West Carrollton well as it courts businesses from around the region and the country, hoping to service Wright Patterson Air Force Base and to find a new place to call home.