Our Work

Informative? Yes. Immersive? That's where we come in.

A vibrant online presence is as essential to your survival as your pancreas—don't neglect it.

Sure, we can tackle the basics like site design and SEO, but we also know how to create immersive Web experiences for your consumers: experiences that are user friendly, highly interactive, and sure to deliver results. From mobile and responsive sites that fit today's access-anywhere mentality to the social media platforms that your target audiences go to for information and entertainment, we give you what you need and put you precisely where you need to be.

In June 2012, Web marketing leader, Oxiem, joined our corporate family—growing our team of online marketing professionals to over 25 developers, designers, and project managers. With Oxiem’s newest office in Dayton, we can offer you expanded online services that include the creation of sophisticated e-commerce and intranet architectures. We can also more fully integrate social media, interactive Web elements, and internal business systems into your sites. Oxiem is headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, with offices in Springfield, Cleveland, and Dayton.