Sara Flege

Sarah_WEBUniversity of Dayton
Marketing and Management Major

Expected Graduation: May, 2010
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

"I loved interning at Hafenbrack! The size of the firm allowed me to interact with many of the other team members and work on several meaningful projects. The training and experience I received here has definitely prepared me for future marketing opportunities."

As an active member of the University of Dayton community, Sara is involved in a variety of extracurricular activities. Some include Delta Sigma Pi and Students Today Alumni Tomorrow, which she balances between school and working at Hafenbrack. Has prior experience in the financial industry from working at Countrywide Home Loans.Â

Sara started at Hafenbrack in October 2008. She found out about the position through a marketing professor. Hafenbrack is Sara’s first experience working in the marketing field. This internship has helped Sara new industry insights and grow as a business professional and gain. She plans to take the skills she has obtained from Hafenbrack and use them to achieve her future career goals.

When Sara graduates in May 2010, she hopes to work in the advertising or consumer brands industry.

Case Study - Direct Mailing and Telemarketing Campaign

internship case study406f4Challenge: The interns were given the task to assist in raising awareness about Hafenbrack Marketing’s services to fulfill the needs of businesses in the industrial and medical industries. The goal was to ultimately turn these prospects into clients.

Solution: A series of postcards were designed, developed and printed by Hafenbrack Marketing. From there, the interns were in charge of mailing out the series of postcards to a targeted list of businesses. After the series was mailed, a personal letter was mailed to the contact summarizing the services of Hafenbrack. Once the entire series was delivered, the interns followed up with a personal phone call to ultimately generate qualified leads for the Hafenbrack Sales Team.

Results: Several prospects expressed interest in Hafenbrack Marketing. These business leads were then forwarded to Alex Loehrer, VP of Client Services. Alex personally contacted the prospects to identify their company’s specific needs and how Hafenbrack can provide solutions to help grow their business.

Case Study - Intern Program

Intern web captureChallenge: The interns were asked to assist in the development and refinement of Hafenbrack Marketing’s intern certification program. The program was already in place and being utilize, but the interns were challenged to further develop the program and ultimately present ways to better market it to future students. Â

Solution: The interns’ collaborated efforts to create personal bios and case studies about their work at Hafenbrack. They were responsible for editing and revising their resumes. From there, an internship website was developed to live within Hafenbrack's existing website. This website was created to not only describe the program and attract future interns, but it was also designed to highlight current interns and provide exposure for educators and potential employers to view their work. Â

Before the website was launched, the interns put together a presentation for their superiors. This powerpoint highlighted ways they would like to market the program and spread the word about the new website.

Results: Though the project is an evolving piece, the website was completed and the interns are continuing to work on the second phase of the program which features marketing to educators and potential interns.

Case Study - Kettering Health Network Research

Internship KetteringChallenge: The interns were asked to conduct research in order to help Hafenbrack determine placement of print advertisements for their client. The advertisements would ultimately increase consumer exposure for Kettering Health Network.

Solution: The interns spent time on a daily basis scanning Dayton's local newspapers and business journals to find all placement of Kettering Health Network ads against their competitor. They conducted additional research for news and current events in the healthcare industry.

Results: The interns clipped all locations and kept a running document of all mentions and ad placement for Kettering Health Network in comparison to their competitors. This documentation served as an overview of when and where the advertisements had been placed, an analysis of their competitors advertisements, and a hard copy of each.

Case Study - Independent Advantage Research

TheDirector_SmallChallenge: Independent Advantage hired Hafenbrack to redefine their brand. This included creating a comprehensive marketing strategy, collateral pieces, a public relations campaign and more. The interns were asked to assisted with the Public Relations component. The challenge was to search through various after death care industry print materials for advertisement placement or mention of Independent Advantages’ 17 family-owned casket companies.Â

Solution: The interns searched through various publications and reported their findings to Hafenbrack Marketing's PR Specialist. Their findings were then copied and placed into a Clips Report for the client. The Clips Report held each individual article or advertisement that highlighted Independent Advantage and their companies. A spreadsheet was created to document the name of the article, the publication name of where the article had been placed and the date of publication.

Results: The Clips Report served as an overview for the client to view an organized summary of Hafenbrack's Public Relations efforts through documentation of where the articles had been placed, how many ran and the corresponding dates of these articles.