For whom is the program intended?

The Hafenbrack Marketing & Public Relations Internship Program is appropriate for students of Marketing, Communication, Management, Business or Creative backgrounds that qualify as Juniors or Seniors living in the Dayton area. Please see Student Requirements for a more detailed requirement list.

How do students apply?

If a student meets the Student Requirements for the Hafenbrack Marketing Program, they must then seek a recommendation from their advisor and/or professor. Their educator can visit the Internship Program to provide a recommendation for the student. Once Hafenbrack Marketing has received the educator's recommendation, a student may submit their resume to Hafenbrack along with their letter of recommendation.

If students are not accepted after their initial interview, can they try again for future positions?

Absolutely. Unfortunately we can only take a select number of students for each semester. We encourage you to revisit Hafenbrack's website periodically for internship updates and future opportunities available.

Are the semester hours flexible with my class schedule?

Hafenbrack Marketing understands the importance of academic success. The program is designed as a part-time opportunity for students throughout the school year, and the hours are flexible. Hafenbrack is willing to work with the intern's academic schedule to determine times throughout the week that are good for both parties so there is no work/school conflict.

Can I receive school credit for this program?

If a student qualifies to receive credit through their university, the Hafenbrack Internship Program will work with you to meet the requirements needed in order to earn credit. We provide students with the opportunity to experience meaningful work experience beyond the classroom. Please connect with your professor or advisor to find out additional details in regards to obtaining school credit through an internship.