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Greater Downtown Dayton Value Proposition

Downtown Dayton has big-city advantages without big-city headaches, small-town conveniences without small-town limitations. It has the reputation of being a small city that discovers big, innovative ideas. Downtown is the engine of this region that's helping reinvent the Rustbelt.

Centrally located, downtown is the region's premier business hub and undisputed financial center. It also is home to a majority of the area's government offices and largest professional services firms. This business density and downtown's compact nature make networking easy: nowhere else can people see their banker, lawyer, colleagues, clients, and local elected officials all in the same day - without driving anywhere.

Travel to and from downtown is simple, with access to an efficient highway system that puts nearly every destination within a 15-minute drive. This includes Dayton International Airport and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. It's easy to access public transit, too, with most public transportation routes routes running through downtown and connecting surrounding neighborhoods.

This convenient location, along with an array of amenities and services, makes downtown a desired business address. Plug into WiFi and a state-of-the-art, redundant technology infrastructure. Connect with a rich network of support that includes The Entrepreneurs Center, a one-stop job center, venture funds and other tools needed to grow high-value jobs. Enjoy affordable lease rates and ancillary operating costs, and take advantage of continued training at several higher education institutions. Downtown is a setting ripe with investment opportunities for business owners, developers and entrepreneurs alike, where private dollars often leverage public funds. Indeed, downtown is a nurturing environment that enables start-up and growing enterprises to prosper.

Downtown's inventory of office options means businesses can customize their space to suit their needs. Choose a high-rise in the dense urban core or a campus-like setting, such as Tech Town, just minutes away. Scout locations from modern office buildings to historic, rehabbed storefronts - all with parking nearby.

Downtown Dayton's environment also has many things both young and seasoned professionals desire in their workplace and demand for their lifestyles. From funky lofts to classy condos to historic neighborhoods, downtown boasts a variety of housing options. Residents and employees are within a walkable distance of the region's best arts and entertainment, cultural, and recreational offerings. Woo prospective clients in any of the locally owned, unique restaurants downtown. Attend galas and fundraisers at world-class entertainment facilities just blocks away. Revel in live music, hit the dance floor, peruse art galleries, go for a bike ride, and take in a movie, show or game after work. On and off the clock, Dayton's zeal for the creative and innovative is evident.

In downtown Dayton, entire professional networks and lasting friendships are built simply by serving on committees, attending arts events, even running into folks at the coffee shop. Downtown Dayton maintains this amicable Midwestern charm while cultivating an authentic urban vibe. It's a city in which a mix of businesses and people thrive.

This is the original downtown experience: One place to live, work, network and play. One place with the energy to propel business.

Further Enhancing Greater Downtown: A Look to the Future

Still, this community is committed to strengthening the Greater Downtown Dayton area.

• It's important to the future growth of downtown to attract additional residents and visitors, particularly young professionals and those in the Creative Class. Giving more people more reasons to come downtown entails several key steps that will create a center city that's inviting, attractive, and bustling day and night.

• Downtown will have a strong sense of place, becoming a more pedestrian-friendly environment. Well-defined, well-lit paths connecting downtown hotspots will enhance safety and create additional public gathering places. It will be just as easy to walk as it is to drive downtown.

• Navigation will be easy thanks to infrastructure improvements, such as two-way street conversions, enhanced signage, and road and sidewalk repairs.

• Additional convenient, moderately priced parking options will be developed.

• Downtown will take greater advantage of its rich stock of architecture and expand work and living options, particularly housing at a price point attractive to young professionals. To accomplish this, downtown leaders will connect with new investors interested in urban redevelopment.

• The river will be used as a focal point for redevelopment efforts and celebrated as a preeminent downtown amenity.

• Green projects will be encouraged and supported.

• The city of Dayton and its community partners are working to further increase downtown's appeal to employers by improving customer service and responsiveness.

Employers settle in areas where the workforce is strong, the quality of life is a major draw for employees, and the cost of doing business allows them to be profitable. Downtown Dayton is such a place - an original urban environment with the character, convenience and vitality that make it the ideal place to establish and grow a business. With this community's fierce determination, robust vision and penchant for innovation, there is no doubt greater downtown will become even stronger.

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