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Hafenbrack Marketing Takes a New Approach to Event Planning

Weekly Bike Nights Showcase Agency's Services

DAYTON, Ohio - Through the roaring thunder of a procession of Harley-Davidsons into the parking lot of F&S Harley-Davidson/Buell on North Dixie Drive in Vandalia, you can hear Hafenbrack Marketing's Event Coordinators preparing the contestants for the "Frozen T-Shirt Contest".

100_0130_smThe coordination of F&S's weekly Bike Nights falls into the talented hands of Melissa Wyatt and Scott Winters, two of members of the Hafenbrack team. As the contest ends, the band returns to the stage for their next set while the Hafenbrack team checks on the food vendors and captures photography of the evening.

"It is a lot of hard work, a majority of which goes on behind the scenes and takes place weeks before the actual event," said Wyatt, Hafenbrack Project Manager. "But I cannot take credit for it all. I have a dedicated team of people all working together between my office and F&S to ensure that the events go off without a hitch."


Wyatt, who manages several other accounts for Hafenbrack besides F&S, enjoys these events especially. They give her a chance to stray from the traditional business receptions she coordinates on a regular basis. Hafenbrack Marketing's wide range of clients creates the opportunity to plan a variety of unique events, including their own quarterly client appreciation events.

"Every Bike Night we have a different non-profit organization running the refreshment booth," said Scott Winters, Senior Designer. "Not only does it allow customers to have cold beer at a hot event, it provides an opportunity for different local groups to raise money for their organization."
As the evening comes to an end at 9 PM, Winters and Wyatt begin to break down and cleanup their party in the parking lot. They discuss next week's bike night, the food vendors, the music, the contests, the prizes and the hope that a few of their Bike Night visitors rode home on a newly purchased Harley-Davidson.